IMG_1754  Kushan P. Shah

I am a Marketing Professional with  keen passion for travel, food, sports and personal finance. I feel sharing my real life experiences, which I have picked up over the years would be of immense interest to readers.

With my background of being a hard core vegetarian, wherever I travel within India or abroad food becomes a very integral part of my experience and its search across various travel destinations have brought me very close to understanding various people, cultures and at times kitchens.

Also my interest for Personal finance stems from a very outsider view of being a non-finance person, where you just want to know the right things. Not in-depth financial analysis or jargon which confuses you, but just gives you right understanding to help take informed decisions. I’ve slowly picked this up over my professional years with some trial and error and continuous reading and monitoring. Am sure it would be of great help to professionals who don’t require great financial knowledge to take sane financial decisions for themselves.

Disclaimer* : All views & opinions expressed on this site are personal. I cannot be held liable for any decisions taken by readers/viewers. I hope you have a great time on my site.



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